Everyone loves good ice cream! Be it a sunny day, a warm day or even a cold day.

As an ice cream lover, there are only a few things that can give you the satisfaction you get from a cone of rich, sweet and creamy ice cream. 

Here’s a guide to the Lagos ice cream scene in no particular order, these 5 spots serve top-notch ice cream in Lagos Nigeria.


Hans and René Lekki

Notice I picked a specific outlet? 

Well, that is because the Lekki phase 1 outlet is famous for being picturesque and serving yummy goodness. Highly recommend the chocolate, cheesecake and sorbet flavours.

A scoop goes for N1,500 and they are pretty good at upselling, you just might find yourself trying out their meat pie 🙂

The service is good.

Cactus Restaurant

A must-visit when looking for an ice cream spot to try out is Cactus Restaurant.

Cactus is a family restaurant located in Ozumba mbadiwe, Victoria Island Lagos.

It is famous for its pastries and lunch options but I think people are missing out on the ice cream section. They have varieties from sorbet flavours to chocolate, peanut, coffee and many more. 

A scoop costs N1,500 and can be served in a glass or cone, I always go with the cone option because the cone itself is tasty. 

With N1,500 to N3,000, you definitely will enjoy well-made ice cream.

Frozen Rolls

This spot made it to my list because I love it when brands go the extra length! One thing I can vouch for is that their ice cream is not regular. It is creamy, rich, filling and looks beautiful.

If you want to fall in love, just try their alcohol-flavoured menu. 

They have taco cones which I find ingenious and offer a variety of flavours. Located at Lekki phase 1, Frozen rolls is a must-visit!

The budget is N2,500 to N3,000 depending on the ice cream flavour you try out, I recommend the alcoholic menu and the strawberry cheesecake flavour. It’s a petite spot so take-outs are preferred over dine-ins.

Eric Kayser

I like to think of Eric Kayser as the French King in Lagos when it comes to desserts! 

I honestly think The Game of Thrones movie influenced that title but really, they do ice cream and pastries so well.

I love the Eric Kayser and Coffee flavours, they offer a variety of other flavours too. 

They have different cup sizes and the smallest cup size (shown above) goes for N1125 including taxes, it’s an affordable ice cream spot with an elegant ambience.

Cold Stone Creamery

Last but not the least; an ice cream spot that consistently dishes out the goodness! 

Cold Stone is one ice cream spot that makes an excellent effort to be authentic and diverse with their ice cream flavours, I have so many favourites but I love their Hennessy and rum and raisin options. 

It’s almost a sin to have a Cold Stone ice cream without crushing the waffles in and mixing it all up! 

Highly recommend you try any Cold Stone outlet near you, a budget here for a nice treat is N2,500 – N3,000, they offer different cup sizes and have deals on certain days of the week to give you the best value for money.

That sums up the list, for now, we are still on the hunt to track down other ice cream spots dishing out creamy goodness! 


What’s your go-to ice cream spot in Lagos?


 By Bella Explores, @bellaexplores


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