Terms and conditions of membership

● You do not need to renew your membership each month. It automatically renews when the membership period ends.
● Your physical and digital membership card has expiry/renewal date printed on it.
● Please reach out to us if you want to discontinue your membership renewal or don’t want to avail our services further.
● Remember that you are giving your consent to use the service(s) by agreeing to the terms and conditions.
● Once you apply for membership, the documentation will be delivered to you within 30 days.
● Every restaurant has certain limitations while providing services or offering discounts. If you want to check those exclusions, you can visit the particular restaurant’s page by visiting the site.
● When you submit your details, we will process it further to provide you membership. The use of your personal information will be in accordance with our privacy policy. Please ensure that you know and understand how our privacy policy works.
● We have a legitimate interest in organizing and managing your information, and your signing up on our site or any landing pages shows that you agree to this.

1. Introduction

● We follow specific terms and conditions while providing membership cards to our customers. This page and all the relevant documents or content on it refers to the terms and conditions of membership card. We supply Connoisseur Club membership. For more particulars, you can visit
our website. Please go through the terms and conditions carefully before getting a membership. Make sure that you completely understand them before you order membership from our site. Once you agree to our requirements, you are bound to abide by them.

● You can print and take a copy of these terms and conditions, if you want, for future reference.

● Your personal information and data will be used for your membership and is according to our privacy policy. Please read and understand our privacy policy to know the provision.

● If you deny or refuse to agree to our terms and conditions, we can’t grant and activate your membership.

● These terms and conditions can be updated or amended at any time as we are authorized to do so. We will notify you by posting those updated terms and conditions on our site. However, please keep in mind that you are subjected to comply with these conditions as you are a part of our club and also ordered a membership from us. Unless it applies to orders that were placed by you previously, and governmental law or authority changes the conditions. 

1.1. Purpose and the legal basis for the processing

● We are required to fulfill our customer and contractual obligations, and for this purpose, personally identifiable information is explicitly collected from our customers. A couple of legal bases is followed to process your personally identifiable information. Your personal information
is processed when you sign up on our website or our landing pages, provided we have a legitimate interest in doing all the required processing. Marketing communication is provided as a process of legal basis if you are an existing member.

● We have the legitimate interest in sending you marketing emails so you can have a better experience while availing our services. However, if you want you can unsubscribe these emails as your consent is our priority. Although, we might send you emails if;

o they are related to your order
o they are related to change in our policies; either privacy or membership policy
o we update or amend our terms and conditions
o you choose to discontinue our services; we might send you confirmation email

1.2. We can process the information you provide for marketing purposes. We can also make use of your provided information for other legitimate purposes such as;

● Ensuring that the content or material is provided to you in an effective manner and is also useful for your computer.
● Providing you the required information about the products or services which you ask for or explicitly consented to and which we feel might be of your legitimate interest.
● Fulfilling the obligations which come under the contract entered in to between you and us.
● Allowing you to participate when you choose to, in interactive features of our service.
● To notify you about the changes in our site, if any.

We are authorized to use your data, or allow the third party to process and use your information for the marketing purpose, or to give you information about the products and services which you ask for and for which you are interested. Not only this, but we might also contact you by telephone or post.

2. Your Status

● When you place the order for membership via our sites, you are ensuring and guaranteeing that
you are capable of binding in contact legally and are at least 16 years old.
● If a member wants to take membership, we can only deal with the member personally. So, if any
person wants membership, only he should contact us.

3. How the contract is established between you and us

● Once you accept the terms and conditions of the membership, the contract is automatically formed between us. Your acceptance of our terms and conditions affirms that you agree to go ahead with our services.

4. Term

● Keep in mind please that your membership is renewed automatically after the end of each membership period. When you get our membership subscription and have provided us an e-mail address, we will send you reminders on your e-mail and other media, when the membership
term is about to end, to give details relevant to the new subscription. The physical and digital card you hold has the expiry date of your membership. If in case, you change your correspondence (e-mail or post), you are required to inform us immediately. You should contact us if you don’t want to continue or renew your membership period.

● In the case that your membership card is either damaged, stolen or you simply filed for a new card; we might charge a small fee for processing and logistics.

5. Customer Rights

● If you decide to discontinue our services and wish to cancel your membership, you are requested to contact us. On cancellation, we will send you a confirmation e-mail consisting of your name, the details of your cancellation date, etc. We recommend you keep that particular e-mail safe for
your personal record.

● We might record your calls for our interest in maintaining quality. If you wish that we provide you a copy of the call recording, we will accommodate your request under the section of Subject Access Request. Please contact us and give us details like the exact/estimated time of your call
and number from which you made a call. After receiving the details, we will attempt to deliver you the recording within 30 days.

6. Payment and price

● The charges of our membership will be the same as quoted on the website, except an error occurs on the website.

● All the prices include VAT.

● We are liable to change the prices at any time. However, if we have sent you the confirmation and the prices vary afterward, it will not affect the order you placed previously.

● You are required to pay by debit card or credit card for the charges. We will deduct the payment from your credit or debit card when you place the order. If required, we may change the payment method and choose any other method we consider convenient, from time to time.

● If a physical card is purchased and you want to replace it, then you will be liable to give an admin
charge for your replacement card.

7. Your membership and use at Participating restaurants

● We will dispatch your membership documentation (all memberships) and your membership card (physical card, if ordered), after the contract is formed between us, within 30 days, unless an exception or unavoidable circumstances occur.

● Once you place your order, we will dispatch your welcome pack within seven days after the acceptance of your order. In case you don’t receive it in 7 days, you must contact us within 30 days after the order acceptance, and claim a request for a replacement. If you don’t request
within 30 days, any card which we issue will be subjected to the administration fee along with
the original expiry date (only for physical cards).

● It’s up to the choice of participating restaurants to exclude celebrations day, including but not limited to; Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or any bank Holiday(s). Please refer to and check the individual restaurant’s pages to see the details and to check the exclusions they might apply.

● The offers advertised on the site(s) are for valid members who have a membership. Such offers are not in conjunction with other discounts or offer that participating restaurants are running.

● Each membership card varies regarding the expiry date. The participating restaurants will check either the membership is valid or not. All the memberships which are expired, become invalid and are not, hence, accepted by the participating restaurants. We strictly disapprove of the
transfer of memberships, and you can only use it if your name is printed on the card. If you bring along dining partners, then also, the card can only be used by the named members. The number of dining partners on which discount is applicable is mentioned on the site of each individual
restaurant, and the limit is specified. We can confiscate your membership if we found that you are misusing it.

● We update our site by using reasonable endeavors and show the particulars of the participating restaurants and also their terms and conditions of availability. The participating restaurants are, however, authorized to modify, withdraw, or change their availability terms and conditions even
after you become a member. We, on their behalf, take no responsibility or liability for such changes or withdrawals in terms and conditions.

● Members can take benefit from additional restaurants that join our club later than others and also from increased availability of participating restaurants.

● The printed material used for marketing purpose is served as a guide about the restaurants who are participating. The restaurants are subjected to change, and the printed material does not confirm that it includes all the participating restaurants in the said time.

● Participating restaurants might check either your membership is valid or not.

8. Our liability

▪ If, for any reason, we fail to comply or fulfill the mentioned terms and conditions, our liability towards you will be limited to the fee of membership.

▪ We are not liable for the losses if any, as a result of our failure to comply with those terms and conditions falling into categories as stated below (but not limited to);
          o Business or revenue loss
          o Loss of income
          o Any profit loss or
          o Loss of savings

● Nothing limits or excludes our liability stated in the agreement for:
         o The death or injury due to our negligence
        o Fraudulent activities or misrepresentations
        o Any commitments if breached
        o Any attempt to exclude our liability or in any other illegal matter.

● We accept no liability if you receive services or products from the participating restaurants, and any loss and/or damage occurs. Any damage occurring from or in connection with such services will be the liability of the restaurants that are participating. If you have a bad experience regarding the food or services of the participating restaurant, we accept no responsibility and are not/will not involve in dispute between you, if any.

● We do not give any guarantee for any goods or services which are accessed through or displayed on
our site.

9. Written communication

● Law agencies require the contracts, information, or communications that are sent to you by us, to be in the written form. When you use our site, you agree to our terms that the communication between us will be mainly electronic in nature. We will contact you either by electronic mail or by posting the notice(s) on the site. Your statutory rights are not related or affected by this, and you agree for this means of communication. You agree to this for
contractual purposes and acknowledge that the notices, information, or other communications comply with the legal requirements and that the requirements must be in writing.

10. Notices

● We will notify you when needed by sending it on your postal or email address, which you provided when you signed up for our services. Any notice to us can be sent by email or post. All the notices which we receive are served immediately; though the time can vary; and quick action is taken to resolve any concerns you are facing.

11. Trial Waiver

● Either of us can not delay in exercising the Terms and Conditions. Any failure cannot be deemed and if any of the party fails to comply it, both, will be subjected to trial.

12. Severability

● We follow the rules and regulations of law enforcement agencies while listing down the terms and conditions; but if the competent authority or law states any of term(s) as unlawful or invalid, we immediately serve that condition, remaining the other terms are fully valid.

13. Third-party rights

● If a party does not agree to the terms and conditions, that party has no connection with us and we are not liable for any damage caused by them.

14. Entire agreement 

● This agreement and all the attachments constitute that the agreement is made between us. We have the right to supersede all the previous discussions, assurances, guarantees, or things otherwise not stated.

15. Your Responsibility

● You must provide us your accurate and exact information and keep us aware of any changes in your correspondence. Please ensure the confidentiality of your password, which is given by us or which you choose yourself. Let us know immediately if you think that your password is being
used illegally.

16. Law and authority

● The agreement shall be relevant to the laws of the state and will be subjected to non-exclusive jurisdiction.