CCNG Terms of Website Use

Usage of Connoisseur Club Nigeria Website (https://www.connoisseurclubnig.com/) means that Members (“CCNG Card Holders”) and other users have read, understood and have accepted our full Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) as detailed below.

This particular page refers to the terms of website use. You can use our website (along with the documents which are referred to) by following those terms of use. Please review the terms of use carefully before getting started. Once you start using our website, the terms are conditioned to your
acceptance, and it indicates that you comply with these terms. The terms apply to all the users or visitors who access our service.

Using our service is an indication that you are agreed to abide by those terms. If you show disagreement with any part of the terms of use, you cannot get access to service. Please do not use our website in this case.

Site Access

We permit our site access on a temporary basis, and at our sole discretion, we reserve all the rights if we modify, replace or withdraw from the services we provide on our website without any notice. If, for any reason-no matter the time-our service or site is not available, we will not hold any responsibility.

We may terminate or suspend particular parts or the entire website with time for the users who are registered with us, for any reason whatsoever. 

Our security measures are strict. Any password, identification code, or piece of information which we share with you or you choose, you are liable to keep it confidential and are not required to reveal it in front of the third party. In case, you fail to abide by our rules or unsuccessful in complying with the terms of use, in our opinion, we can opt to disable your password or identification code. Whether you choose it or we allocate that code, you cannot breach the confidentiality.

If you want to access our site, you will be responsible for the arrangement, which is necessary to access the site. Please ensure that every single person who accesses our site-is aware of the terms of use and complies with them-through your internet connection.

Intellectual Property Rights

All rights are reserved to us, and every material or content published on this website is owned by us. The intellectual property we have is licensed. We hold the responsibility to keep those works protected around the world, by copyright laws and treaties.

If you want, you are allowed to print a copy, download extracts of any page(s), and draw the consideration of others working in your organization to the material posted on our website. 

When you print or download the material(s), you should use them as they are and must not revamp or modify them. The papers or digital copies used from our website for any purpose whatsoever must remain the same. Moreover, the illustrations, media, video, photographs, graphics, or audio sequences must not be used separately if any text accompanies them and is limited by copyright.

The content and materials displayed on our site, of identified authors or contributors must always be acknowledged.

You must not copy, modify, or reproduce materials from our website for commercial purposes. If you intend to do so, you have to obtain a license from our licensors.

Unauthorized use of materials from our website in any form; downloaded, printed, copied, adapted, or translated, can lead to breaching the terms of use. Connoisseur Club reserves the right to immediately cease your access to our site, and you must destroy any copies of the content which you made.


The material and commentary used by us keep on changing from time to time, and the information available is solely general in nature. No information or statements regarding the completeness or usefulness of information is made by us, and any reliance you place on that piece of information is at your own risk. We are not liable to you or any third-party licensors regarding the content and its accuracy.

Regular Changing in our Website

We keep on updating our site with time. The information or contents uploaded might be changed or updated at any time. If at any time we think of suspending or closing our site, we are authorized to do this and are under no obligation to update any material if it becomes outdated. When required, we might also remove content from our site.


To the full extent and permitted by law we, other groups of our companies and third parties which are connected to us express hereby;

  • Any direct, indirect damage or consequential loss to any user who has a connection with our site or terms of use is liable for the said loss, and we do not hold any responsibility whatsoever. Moreover, any materials posted on the site or websites linked to it incurred by the user; without
    limiting any liability for:
  •  Business loss
  • Damaged management or office time
  •  Loss of data
  • Damage to contracts or property
  • Loss of goodwill
  • Loss of income or revenue;
  •  Loss or damage caused due to any tort or negligence or breach of contract or otherwise
  • for other loss or damage, no matter which kind or not listed above.        

You will be liable for all the loss or damage, and our liability is not affected by this. We are also not legally responsible if there is any injury or death which arises as a result of negligence or any fraudulent misrepresentation, however. Nor is there any liability on us that is not excluded by applied law.    

Information About Your Visit to Our Site

The information provided by you is processed, keeping in mind our privacy policy. Because you use our site and have access to it, it means that you consent to such processing and guarantee that the data you provided is accurate and not false.

Transactions Determined Through Our Site

We continue to develop and might undergo changes in transaction processes as well. The contracts for the membership card are formed as a result of your visits to the website or formed through our site. You are governed by the terms and conditions if you make contracts for supplies. If you intend to
become a participating restaurant in our membership card scheme, please contact us so we may guide you further.

Uploading Content on our Site

The material or content which you upload on our website is not your sole proprietary and is not confidential in any case. We have the authority to use, copy, distribute, and transmit your material to others and third parties for any purpose whatsoever. Additionally, we can disclose your identity if we
found any third party claiming that the content you uploaded or posted on our website is their intellectual property, and you are violating their privacy.

The content or material uploaded by you or other users of our website can be accessed by the third party, and we are not liable for its accuracy.

At times, we can remove any content or material posted by you on our site.

Hacking, Virus and other Offences

Don’t knowingly introduce viruses, trojans, logic bombs, or any other harmful and malicious materials to our website. Unethical and unauthorized access to our website is illegal, and you must not attempt to gain illegal access. The server which stores our site is fully protected, and if any illegitimate attempt to misuse our database or computer which is connected to our site, is made, you will be accountable for that. You must not attack our site through a denial-of-service or distributed denial-of-service attacks.

If you or other users using our site tried to gain unauthorized access or breached the provision, it would be a crime, and this criminal offense comes under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Once we found you committing an offense, we will report it to the authorities of law enforcement. We will
disclose your identity and co-operate with those relevant authorities. In such an event, you will lose all rights to use our website, and we will cease them immediately.

In the event of such acts, if any loss or damage occurs to your computer or device, we will not be accountable for this. Whether the damage is caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack or caused by harmful viruses, worms, or technologically damaging material, or in your computer, specific
equipment, database, server, computer programs get infected; you will be liable for all the damage caused. Moreover, downloading any material posted on our site or clicking on any linked website is at your own risk.

Linking to Our Site

We appreciate your connection to our website, and you can link to our site and homepage. You can link provided that you will;

● Not misrepresent yourself with Connoisseur Club
● Not establish a link that shows association or endorsement on our behalf
● Not duplicate, copy, or transmit the content of the website
● Not damage our reputation or misuse it
● Not use our trademarks or metatext to gain rankings

You must not represent or associate yourself with any website when none exists.

As a further condition, you agree that you are not allowed to create any link to our site with another site. We have the sole discretion to disable any unauthorized links and can withdraw linking permission without notice.

However, if there is any material -other than stated above-on our website owned by us and you wish to use it, you can request us.

Other Links on Our Site

Our site contains links that are related to other sites and third parties. The information and resources provided are general only. We do not control the information or content of those sources or links and are not liable for the damage or loss that you might incur by using them.

Jurisdiction and Law

You expressly agree to the exclusive jurisdiction on claims arising from or related to visiting our site. Any dispute or claim, including both contractual and non-contractual, shall be governed by the law of the state.

Revisions and Variations

From time to time, we might be making changes and revising the terms of use. You are required to keep on checking this page on a timely basis so as to keep yourself updated on the amendments as they bind you. We may revise these terms of use by modifying this page at any time. The provisions
or notices published elsewhere on the site or in terms of use can be superseded, and we might erase or update them.

Your Concerns

If you have concerns related to the content on our site, please reach out to us here.
We thank you for visiting our website.