Weekends are the best time for white collar people like me to hop around restaurants in Lagos and have a good time on a budget. Last weekend I tried out a new restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos called Paradise Forest.

In life they say change is constant, But in Lagos; new restaurant openings are constant so I decided to try one of Lagos’s latest additions. 


Paradise Forest restaurant is located at 3B Musa Yar’Adua VI, Lagos and is one of the most affordable restaurants in VI. 

Their menu consists of; Nigerian, Indian, Chinese food with a signature forest menu.


First up, let’s talk about the space at this restaurant.

They have a garden-like alfresco dining area where you can relax and have your food and drinks during early evenings or later. The setup is quite florid. 

They also have an indoor dining area if you want a more formal setup for a date night or a hangout. It is a forest themed restaurant so expect a lot of greens, some animals here and there and a calm but rustic ambience. 

The setup is quite cozy but I really like that they made the lighting not so low so you can still have nice pictures. 

The bar area is absolutely beautiful.

Now moving onto the service;

I’ll give the staff friendliness a 9/10 as everyone I met during my visit were polite and seemed like they wanted to give you a good dining experience. From the manager to the wait staff and even the gatekeeper, solid service!


We can all agree that the service and space is good for a casual dining restaurant, now let’s take a step further into the food review.

I had a craving for Indian food and Nigerian food before my visit but I ended up trying out Indian and Chinese food because well….. why not 🙂

I had;

  • Butter Chicken: N4,200
  • Steamed Rice:   N2,200
  • Chicken Hakka Noodles: N4,000
  • Butter Naan: N600
  • Chili Garlic Naan: N850
  • Sweet White wine bottle: N7,000

Very affordable menu! I honestly was also shocked at the meal portions.


The butter chicken paired well with my chili garlic naan however it was a miss with my steamed rice. I’ll rate the butter chicken a 5/10 as it happens to be my least favourite dish for this visit as I wanted more in terms of taste, although the manager later explained that it would have paired well with biryani and it doesn’t really go with steamed rice but well there you have it. 

The naan was pretty authentic and crisp, I think they should include a cheesy option because having this particular naan with some cheese on it would have been perfection, an 8/10 for the naan. 


I didn’t like the noodles particularly because I was expecting a noodle cooked in a broth and spicy but it was more of a stir fry noodle. One lesson learnt here is to always ask how the meal is cooked before placing an order. No rating on it because I didn’t eat it.


The wine was super affordable and tasty, making the evening even more worth it.

Now the best part of this foodie experience has to be with the billing! I got all meals at a good value for money price and I also got a 10% off using my connoisseur club member! 

A good budget for one here is any amount greater than N10k and if you have the CCNG card that’s about N9K for you!


Would I recommend it? Hmmm I have mixed feelings about the meals I had on this visit but I think they deserve a second visit from me when I actually get to order right and try out more meals because the space and service is solid and the pricing point is juicy! 


Off to more foodie adventures with my CCNG card!

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Have you been here before? How did your experience go?

By Bella Explores , @bellaexplores

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