Frequently Asked Questions

Connoisseur Club Nigeria has partnered with several restaurants and bars anywhere in Lagos (to be extended to other cities) to provide you with exclusive discounts that can only be assessed by our members.

Please make sure check with your chosen restaurant to see the available offer.

By joining the Connoisseur club Nigeria, you can save up to 50% off your total bill. The savings can vary depending upon the terms and condition of the diner you chose.

Diners who want to dine alone can receive a Connoisseur card discount, and all of our partnered restaurants allow this. Please make sure check with your chosen restaurant to see the available offer.

You are limited to one membership discount card per booking, except stated otherwise by restaurant.

In some cases, the restaurants state the maximum number of persons who are allowed to dine in a single party. However, if the number of people dining exceeds than otherwise stated, the restaurants are not liable to offer discounts or accept the discount card.

The membership card is applicable to the food bill only except stated otherwise by the restaurants. You cannot get a discount on service charges because the services you receive are the same as they are for customers who are paying full charges.

Yes, although not all of the restaurants offer discounts on takeaways, some of our partnered restaurants offers takeaways discounts for our members within Lagos, please make sure you check the terms and condition of the diner chosen.

We never restrict the choice, and you can use your card against any item as shown on site.

The ethos of Connoisseur Club Nigeria is to provide affordable eating to their customers, encouraging them to eat out more regularly. We are doing this as we value our members and partner restaurants. Our partnered restaurants can offer discounts to our member exclusively and does not apply to the general public.

You can use your membership card 7 days a week! There are several restaurants which offer a discount for the whole week so you can enjoy your favorite food. However, you must check the details regarding discounts and offers of individual restaurants on our website, as they might have restrictions on weekdays or celebration days.

Note: Please note that if the restaurants can exclude weekdays or Holidays, they can do so. You can find relevant details on the individual’s restaurant page. Other exclusions that might include are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day.

Although majority of our partnered restaurants does not require an advance booking, however we do recommend making bookings in advance, and when you do, it should be mentioned if you hold a discount card. This is needed so the restaurant can calculate your bill, including the discount from the outset. If you don’t mention the discount and the restaurant is not aware that a discount applies to your order, then the manager will have to bear the hassle of calculating the bill again, which can be time-consuming. But if the restaurant is aware of your membership, then the bill will be produced, keeping in mind the discount.

We recommend to book 2 hours before the dining except stated otherwise on the individual site.

The restaurant holds no responsibility for offering a discount if the membership card is not mentioned or presented while making payment.

We always love to hear from our customers. If you have recommendations, please send us the details, so we may proceed further.

We welcome you to our club.

You can contact us via phone call or WhatsApp on 0915 773 4181 and we will guide you through the process of joining.

The estimated delivery takes around 3-5 working days. However, you will be informed about the estimated delivery time in the confirmation email.

Customer can update and manage their details via the portal provided to them. If you are having any issues updating this, please contact the customer service team on working days and hours and we will be able to guide you through it.

Only one person can enjoy our additional free trial to their chosen subscription

No, the card has your name on it, so you cannot lend it to your friend(s) or family. The cards are non-transferable.

Since the restaurants are growing in number, we keep updating our website regularly. We provide you information regarding all the offers currently available. You can sign up for our Connoisseur Club newsletter so we can email you regarding the details of new restaurants that joined the business, or you can follow our Instagram page @connoisseurclubnig to keep updated.

You can also cancel your membership via your provided portal.

If you are unable to find it and wish to cancel or don’t want to renew your membership at any point, you can contact us on working days (9 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri). Please see the terms and conditions of your membership on your discount card to know the details of your renewal date.

You will be communicated via email renewal reminder about the changes (if any). Otherwise, you can discuss the renewal price on the telephone. However, the requirement of cancellation remains the same.