Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Do you have many leisure loving  friends, or run a world-class food , leisure or lifestyle blog and want to earn extra income? Then the Connoisseur Club Nigeria Affiliate Partner Program is just right for you!

Reasons To Try Connoisseur Club Now

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What is the program about?

Register free of charge as an affiliate partner and invite your friends and followers to join the club. For each new subscriber, we offer a 40% commission.

Can I invite other leisure lovers to join?

Yes, of course! If a new subscriber joins the club through your  blog, your social media community, or even the ad campaigns you create, you earn 40% commission on each sign up completed via your unique link.

How does the system work?

Once you join the program, you will receive an assigned unique  affiliate link. If a member uses your link to sign up and subscribes to one of our plans, You will receive 40% commission on their membership fee. It is important to note that this identification only works if the new user uses your affiliate link when registering.

Reason you should join our affiliate marketing today 

1. How does the system work?

Whether you have a full time job or in between jobs or you are a full time influence , we have made our sign up process as easy as it can get , all you have to do is to share to your followers and you earn 40% commission on a subscribed member. 

2. Fly off the shelf product

Our product is a sort after product and by promoting our product on your channel , you help millions of your network improve their social lifestyle and enjoy the life they deserve. 

3. High commission

You earn 40% commission off each member subscribed via your link. This is one of the highest commission provided on the market. We also run a 7 days payout. 

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