When it comes to restaurants with really good food; Victoria Island in Lagos is one of the top locations that comes to mind. I like to call it the “posh restaurant hub” because there is a restaurant on every street in VI.
Whether you are out for authentic African dishes, Indian food, Lebanese food, Japanese food, fusion meals, just name it; a restaurant offering this has to be in VI, Lagos.

If you want to eat, drink, and have a good dining experience, these restaurants in Victoria Island have to be on your go-to list.

NOK By Alara

NOK by Alara is one of the best restaurants in Lagos, a pan African modern restaurant situated in VI serving west African food. I love how the decor screams Africa in yet a subtle way, it’s a nice place to celebrate the African lifestyle.

There is an indoor area for dining in and a garden, the restaurant opens by noon and closes briefly at 3:45 pm for a quick cleaning and the restaurant is reopened by 6 pm, interesting right!

The garden is my favorite space because of the Mats, Adire and Ankara inclusion- absolutely gorgeous! It’s perfect for group hangouts and drinks after work, for a budget here. I’ll give a range of N15K – N25K depending on what you order, and this budget is for a main and a drink.

The meals here deserve an A+, everything I tried out during my visit from the drinks to the meals tasted AMAZING! Whenever I visit NOK by Alara, just know I’m all out for the food

Jinja Garden

This is another restaurant in VI that you shouldn’t miss out on. Do you love sushi and Asian fusion meals? Then head over to Jinja Lagos.

They serve a wide range of sushi, dumplings, and other Asian meals with a Nigerian twist to them. They are the first restaurant in Lagos to serve sushi with smoky Jollof inclusion; Thank God for Jollof rice 😉

The space is florid and elegant with a calm and soothing ambience. Be it a date, a quick meeting, a solo date or even celebrations like birthdays and bridal showers, these guys should be at the top of your list!

A decent budget here is N20K – N25K. However, it can go way higher depending on what you order.



Indigo Bar , Restaurants and Suites

Nigerian and Indian food at its finest. This restaurant has been around for quite some time and has been known for its Indian meals because they consistently brought their A-game to the table.

They serve authentic Indian meals and recently launched a Nigerian menu. Speaking as someone who has seen both sides to their coins, best believe it when I say they have to be on your list!
An affordable and noteworthy dining experience- a budget here should be N10K – N15K per head.



Turaka Lagos

Want to dine with a view? Try Turaka located on the rooftop of Ebony life place, Turaka is a casual rooftop serving African food. They offer traditional food brought to life in an exquisite way; from cocktails to grills, desserts, Afang soup and many more.

They also have an indoor restaurant as the rooftop is best for dining in from 4 pm. A decent budget can be N20K – N25K. However, based on what you order. This sure is one of the best restaurants in Lagos serving African food.



I like to think of Kenivior as a restaurant with club vibes because the space can completely change into a nightlife spot in the late evenings. Situated in VI Lagos, they offer European fusion meals. Their Lamb chops are a must-have if you visit, succulent and cooked to perfection.

A budget of N15k – N20K can work here.




There are a lot of exquisite restaurants on Victoria Island, and these are some of my favorites where you can have delicious meals and most importantly get value for your money with a memorable experience in Lagos Nigeria.

Have you been to any of these restaurants? How was your experience?


By Bella Explores , @bellaexplores


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